Combo Pack Summer Savings


Includes 1 of each: Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil Dispensers

WrapMaster Dispensers simplify the struggle. We've solved the problem of tangled aluminum foil and messy plastic wrap with these two handy dispensers. Each dispenser has a blade that specifically cuts foil or wrap. Our improved closing latch makes it even easier to open and close!

The concealed blade slides out when you press down on the top of the dispenser, cutting the foil or wrap. Unlike boxed-wrap, these dispensers make it easy since there's no tugging on the wrap and no risk of slicing your hand on the blade attached to the box.

The plastic holders lock closed for storage. The locked containers keep the blades out of reach, and keep crumbs, dust and bugs from getting inside. It's easy to use the WrapMaster. Just pull out the bar inside to load the roll of foil or wrap. Remove the orange end cap on the bar, insert the adapters into the core and slide the wrap into place. Snap the carriage shut and you're ready to wrap! Other features and benefits of our Wrap Dispensers include:

  • Each measures approx. 14"L x 3-1/2"W
  • Made of plastic with concealed stainless steel blade inside
  • Adapters are designed to fit rolls up to 300 square feet
  • To clean - wipe with damp cloth, or put in top rack of dishwasher

This pack includes one plastic wrap dispenser with one set of large grey adapters and one aluminum foil dispenser with one set of large grey flexible adapters and one set of small black flexible adaptors.

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SKU: WM1850 Summer Savings
Price: $24.99

WARNING: Extremely sharp blade. Although concealed, keep away from hands and from children’s reach.   DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Wrap Dispenser to cut aluminum foil, or blade will be damaged.  DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Foil Dispenser to cut plastic wrap, or blade will be damaged.