Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about WrapMaster:

What size rolls can I use in the WrapMaster?

The WrapMaster, WrapMaster Foil and WrapMaster Paper are designed to be used with your favorite brand of rolls up to 300 sq. ft.

Do I have to use a specific kind of plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper?

The WrapMaster is designed to work with just about any plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper purchased at the store. This means you can use any plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper you would purchase at your grocery store or supermarket.

Can I use WrapMaster to cut press-and-seal wrap?

You can use the press-and-seal type of plastic wrap, but be prepared to handle that wrap like you would scotch tape: after cutting, the wrap tends to stick to the WrapMaster, just peel it off. You may see a build up of the adhesive material accumulate on the cutting edge and surrounding area that should be periodically wiped off. Neglecting to remove this residue can result in the unit becoming difficult to open or the cutting blade being pulled down over time.

When will you have (plastic wrap dispensers, combo pack, triple pack, etc.) available again?

We keep the online store up to date as best we can, but due to the popularity of our products, we often run out of inventory. If you create an account for the store, or contact us through our email form, you can elect to receive email notifications from us. We do not send these more than a few times a year, only to notify our customers of noteworthy product announcements or news. Otherwise, if you are waiting for a product return back in stock, you should periodically check our site, our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

One of the white adjustable adapters seems harder to turn than the other. Is this normal?

The white adjustable adapters become easier to turn with use. Just roll the wheels between your fingers to adjust the size of the adapter to fit the size of the roll you're using. Another method is to hold the adapter with two or three fingers along the outside edge while turning the bottom wheel with your other hand. See a short video on how the WrapMaster adapters work.

Does it matter which way I load my wrap, foil or wax paper into the WrapMaster?

Not at all. Our advice is to load the WrapMaster dispenser the same way you would load paper towels or toilet paper. (It works both ways!)

How do I close my WrapMaster when I'm done?

If you hold the top of the unit closed, you can reach down with a thumb or finger and pull the front button up. It will click and latch to the lid and will keep it closed until you're ready to use it again. Then, to open, gently press the button in, we recommend while holding the top lid. See a short video how to open and close your WrapMaster here.

Does the WrapMaster fit in a kitchen drawer?

WrapMasters are designed specifically to fit a standard kitchen drawer. And, they are attractive enough to leave out on the counter.

Can I wash the WrapMaster?

You can use your favorite cleaning products on the outside of the WrapMaster, and if you remove the roll of wrap or foil, you can put the unit in the top rack of your dishwasher.

These are great products! Do you make a similar holder for parchment paper?

Not yet ;) but check back in the near future!

I lost my instruction sheet. Can I get another one?

You can download the instruction sheet inserts here (You'll need the Acrobat Reader software from Adobe to view the file.)

Why do your shipping costs seem to be high?

As much as we wish to be as big and successful as Amazon or other online retailers, we are not. These companies ship thousands of packages a day, and get substantial discounts. The discounts we do get from shipping via UPS are passed along to the customer.

Each Wrapmaster weighs about 2 pounds, so a combo pack weighs about 4 lbs, and a triple pack weighs about 6 lbs. Add another pound for the cardboard box we ship with, and then go to UPS's web site to calculate shipping time & cost. We ship from zip code 19027. You will see that we charge slightly less than the rate online. We also recommend shipping orders to an office address, as this is generally cheaper than shipping to residential addresses.

Do keep in mind that we offer free shipping on orders over $100 within the continental U.S. and under 75 pounds in total weight - so ordering multiple items earns the complementary shipping.

We love our WrapMaster, but the (your part name here) broke. Can we order a replacement (your part name here)?

We appreciate your enthusiasm in trying to replace only the part that broke, but (with the exception of the front latch/button) we strongly urge you to not attempt to replace any broken parts. The cutting blade is very sharp. Please contact us with this issue, and we will try to resolve it. There is one exception: the front latch (the square button) is offered as a replacement kit, as the plastic may crack or break with use and age. The replacement latch kit comes with a new button, metal spring and replacement instructions.

I forgot my password - how do I login?

At any time, you can use the Request New Password link on the right side of our website. Then, you can enter your email address that you used when you first signed up or placed an order, and a new temporary password/link will be sent to you. You will be able to log in and reset your password.
If you continue to have problems, or are unable to identify your username or email address you used, please call us toll-free at (888) 972-7627 - (888) WRAPMASTER - during regular business hours 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Mondays through Fridays, and we will be happy to assist you!

I don't want to use my credit card number online, how can I order?

Feel free to call us toll-free at (888) 972-7627 - (888) WRAPMASTER - during regular business hours 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Mondays through Fridays, and we will be happy to take your order over the phone and answer any questions you may have.

Can I order online and pay with a check?

Absolutely - when you get to the checkout page, just select the Check/Money order payment option. Your order will ship as soon as we receive your check or money order and the deposit clears. The order information will indicate to which address you can send your payment to. If payment is not received within 60 days from the date of order, WrapMaster will mark the order as canceled without any obligation.

I saw a commercial for a similar product on TV?

The WrapMaster dispensers that are sold on this web site are the original plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper dispensers. Our products are designed specifically to use your favorite wrap, foil or paper, and we do not sell our dispensers with "starter" rolls of cheap plastic wrap. Please do not confuse our quality products with cheap, low-quality imitations.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Please let us know by way of our contact form - we will make every effort to answer every question we receive.

WARNING: Extremely sharp blade. Although concealed, keep away from hands and from children’s reach.   DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Wrap Dispenser to cut aluminum foil, or blade will be damaged.  DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Foil Dispenser to cut plastic wrap, or blade will be damaged.