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News releases:

Local Start-Up Company’s Invention Featured in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” Contest
March 6, 2012

WrapMaster: A small Solution that will make a big difference in the kitchen
April 3, 2006


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WrapMaster Combo - front view
(2400px x 1800px)

WrapMaster Combo - 3/4 view
(2400px x 1800px)

WrapMaster Plastic Wrap - unit with packaging
(2000px  x 1500px)

WrapMaster Aluminum Foil - unit with packaging
(2000px  x 1500px)

WrapMaster Combo - inserting into drawer
(1665px  x  953px)

WrapMaster Aluminum Foil - perfect for barbecue
(1500px  x 1500px)

WrapMaster Plastic Wrap - sample use
(1500px  x 1500px)

WrapMaster Aluminum Foil - sample use
(1500px  x 1500px)


WARNING: Extremely sharp blade. Although concealed, keep away from hands and from children’s reach.   DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Wrap Dispenser to cut aluminum foil, or blade will be damaged.  DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Foil Dispenser to cut plastic wrap, or blade will be damaged.