A Small Solution That Will Make A Big Difference In The Kitchen

Wrap Master. A Small Solution That Will Make A Big Difference In The Kitchen

Elkins Park, PA, April 3, 2006—In households across America, there is a box of plastic wrap and a box of aluminum foil – and along with them comes a quiet but frustrating struggle to use these products.  People everywhere are endlessly trying to find the end of the roll only to lose it again. After you finally get past this obstacle, you have to maneuver around those sharp, exposed box blades. And, a box you have touched countless times after handling chicken, beef or fish may be covered with bacteria that can spread throughout the kitchen. Many of you have turned to designer wrap storage solutions, but even they can’t help measure the right amount of product or stop a wasteful, clinging mess. While kitchen wraps may be a simple and affordable food storage solution, why are they so hard to get out of the box? Can’t something be done to make their handling easier and safer?

Well, problem solved. Introducing Wrap Master Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil dispensers. Our attractively designed dispenser units are safe and easy to use to end the struggle once and for all. Just insert your wrap and our unique roller system keeps it in its place so it’s always ready when you are. Our patented cutting mechanism with specially designed stainless steel blade slices right through the wrap cleanly and accurately to eliminate static cling and waste. Plus, our safety shield protects the cutting blade and keeps exposed edges out of the way to prevent cuts. The Wrap Master dispensers are attractive enough to keep on the counter yet slim and lightweight enough to fit in a drawer. Wrap Master is also portable so you can take it with you to picnics and events or even carry it right over to the grill in your backyard. Best of all, Wrap Master is completely washable to help prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria and germs.

You can find Wrap Master on the Home Shopping Network or you can go to our Web site at www.wrapmasterusa.com to order or for more information. The suggested retail price of a single unit is $19.99 but for a short time only we are offering an affordable combo pack for just $34.95, a $10.00 savings so you can experience Wrap Master for yourself. 

Cooking should be creative, handling kitchen wraps shouldn’t. End your struggle and try the Wrap Master today.

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April 3, 2006                            
Contact:  Stephanie Reyes
Tetra Strategic Communications


WARNING: Extremely sharp blade. Although concealed, keep away from hands and from children’s reach.   DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Wrap Dispenser to cut aluminum foil, or blade will be damaged.  DO NOT USE the WrapMaster Foil Dispenser to cut plastic wrap, or blade will be damaged.