A Special Message On Shipping Rates

Let's talk about shipping.

A lot of us are used to free or reduced rate shipping when shopping online. So, it's not a surprise when we hear customers ask "Why are your shipping rates so high?"

Why do other products offer lower shipping rates? Here's a list of reasons:

  • Large companies like QVC and HSN are billion dollar companies and some of the largest customers of UPS and Fed Ex. This qualifies them for flat rate shipping.
  • Companies like Amazon offering free shipping often have monthly subscription prices, so shipping isn't really free.
  • Products, when able, add the cost of shipping into their product cost to lower the perceived total cost.
  • Small sized products can take advantage of reduced USPS mail rates due to the overall size and weight of their products.

Why is our shipping higher than you might like or expect?

  • We are a small local company and we do not qualify for flat rate shipping rates.
  • Our product size and weight does not fit into USPS flat rate mail boxes.
  • UPS charges an additional fee for residential delivery. 

Do you make money from shipping?

  • No, we do make any profit from our shipping rates.
  • We pass along the UPS shipping rate, less our shipper discount to our customers.
  • We add $1.00 to the shipping cost on every order to cover costs for the box, label and labor on dispenser orders. On parts orders, we include a $3.50 postage charge for shipping. 

What rates are used for UPS shipping?

  • UPS applies regional rates based on weight of the package and distance for delivery. Rural areas tend to pay more for UPS deliveries.

We appreciate your concerns and hope providing more information helps to earn not just your business but your trust.



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